The Transformation of Consciousness: Shifting from the Mental to the Supramental Awareness

At a certain point, the standpoint of the individual needs to change to reflect the reality that the ego-personality is a construct for detailed action in the world, but that the ultimate reality and motivating power lies behind what the Upanishad is describing as the “Mind behind the mind” and the “Sense behind the sense” and the “Life behind the life”.  A status of consciousness will then be attained that is fully aware of and responding from this supramental level, which is able to both experience the unity and at the same time put in play the specific individualized actions and perceptions of the multiplicity.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “And in fact, in the higher realisation it will not be Mind, Life, Sense of which even the mind, life and sense themselves will be originally aware, but rather that which constitutes them.  By this process of constant visiting and divine touch and influence the Mind of the mind, that is to say, the superconscient Knowledge will take possession of the mental understanding and begin to turn all its vision and thinking into luminous stuff and vibration of light of the Supermind.  So too the sense will be changed by the visitings of the Sense behind the sense and the whole sense-view of the universe itself will be altered so that the vital, mental and supramental will become visible to the senses with the physical only as their last, outermost and smallest result.  So too the Life will become a superlife, a conscious movement of the infinite Conscious-Force; it will be impersonal, unlimited by any particular acts and enjoyment, unbound to their results, untroubled by the dualities or the touch of sin and suffering, grandiose, boundless, immortal.  The material world itself will become for these gods a figure of the infinite, luminous and blissful Superconscient.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads, Kena Upanishad and analysis, pg. 107, 177-183