Shifting the Focus from Fixation on the Dualities to the Unity Behind Them

It is easy to understand and appreciate the idea of renunciation of the world and its forms and activities, when the object is to achieve the transcendent standpoint.  After all, focus on all the changing forms of life and action may distract from the ultimate purpose.  The exclusive concentration on the Transcendent simplifies the process and steps along the way.  Yet, in so doing, we are denying the purpose and the ultimate unity that supports, creates and infuses through all the forms, forces, activities and events in that world of change.  If everything is part of a unified field, created and supported by that unified reality, then even the world of forms we are abandoning partakes of that reality.  By “cutting the knot” we are in fact denying the purpose and significance of the universal manifestation.  The true solution then is to find the transcendent right here while living in the world of forms, through overcoming the force of egoistic fulfillment of desire..

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “This must be done by abandonment of our attachment to the figure of things in the mortal world.  We must put from us its death and dualities if we would compass the unity and immortality.  Therefore it follows that we must cease to make the goods of this world or even its right, light and beauty our object of pursuit; we must go beyond these to a supreme Good, a transcendent Truth, Light and Beauty in which the opposite figures of what we call evil disappear.  But still, being in this world, it is only through something in this world itself that we can transcend it; it is through its figures that we must find the absolute.  Therefore, we scrutinise them and perceive that there are first these forms of mind, life, speech and sense, all of them figures and imperfect suggestions, and then behind them the cosmic principles through which the One acts.  It is to these cosmic principles that we must proceed and turn them from their ordinary aim and movement in the world to find their own supreme aim and absolute movement in their own one Godhead, the Lord, the Brahman; they must be drawn to leave the workings of ordinary mind and find the superconscient Mind, to leave the workings of ordinary speech and sense and find the supramental Sense and original Word, to leave the apparent workings of mundane Life and find the transcendent Life.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads, Kena Upanishad and analysis, pg. 185