The Need of Fulfillment for the Individual and for the Human Race

The path of renunciation of the world to achieve spiritual fulfillment for the individual has adherents throughout the world.  This path represents a “one pointed” concentration on achieving the goal of oneness with the silent, unmoving Brahman.  Few are those capable of treading this path, which leaves the rest of humanity without a meaningful path for actual fulfillment.  Either they have to simply immerse themselves in the life of the world and its pleasures and rewards, or they accept at some level the need for renunciation and thus live a conflicted life or enter into a form of depression due to inability to achieve any real goal in a world of illusion.

There is a long history in various traditions of a “kingdom of heaven on earth” or some similar concept, which represents the transformation of human life into something which truly reflects the spiritual evolutionary process and enhances the harmony.  Some call it the Golden Age, some call it the Age of Truth, some the City of God, but whatever it is called, it implies a transformation in the life of the race and of the society.

Sri Aurobindo observes:  “The Vedic gospel of a supreme victory in heaven and on earth for the divine in man, the Christian gospel of a kingdom of God and divine city upon earth, the Puranic idea of progressing Avataras ending in the kingdom of the perfect and the restoration of the Golden Age, not only contain behind their forms a profound truth, but they are necessary to the religious sense in mankind.  Without it the teaching of the vanity of human life and of a passionate fleeing and renunciation can only be powerful in passing epochs or else on the few strong souls in each eage that are really capable of these things.  The rest of humanity will either reject the creed which makes that its foundation or ignore it in practice while professing it in precept or else must sink under the weight of its own impotence and the sense of the illusion of life or of the curse of God upon the world as mediaeval Christendom sank into ignorance and obscurantism or later India into stagnant torpor and the pettiness of a life of aimless egoism.  The promise for the individual is well, but the promise for the race is also needed.  Our father Heaven must remain bright with the hope of deliverance, but also our mother Earth must not feel herself for ever accursed.”


Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads, Kena Upanishad and analysis, pg. 188

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