The One God, Transcendent Personality and Ruler Over All the Powers of the Creation

Sri Aurobindo translates Shwetashwatara Upanishad, Chapter Six, Verse 7:  “We will know this Mightiest one who is far above all the mighty — this summit of the gods and their godhead, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who towereth high above all summits and greatnesses.  Let us learn of God for He is this World’s Master and all shall adore Him. (Or, Him may we know, the Highest, Prince of Princes and King of Kings, the summit and godhead of the gods, High Lord over lords above all highness, the Master of the Worlds whom we must worship.)

In the Kena Upanishad, this concept is described in a somewhat different form.  The various powers of Nature, Agni, Vayu, Indra, representing the powers of the physical, vital and mental worlds are confronted with something which exceeds their knowledge and powers of action.  In their pride they believe they rule over everything in their field of action, but the Spirit challenges them and they find that they are helpless in the face of the Spirit.  Even the greatest of the gods is small compared to the Eternal.

We tend to conceive of the Eternal as Impersonal; yet there is both the Impersonal and also the Personal aspect.  The Personal aspect resides within all beings and forms and manifests through all interactions.  Our approach to the Divine is not solely through a feat of intellectual disassociation from all forms, beings and processes, what has been called the yogic path of knowledge.  This approach is a hard and, for most people, a virtually impossible task.  The heart’s adoration and love may find a more direct route to the Oneness that provides direct knowledge.  This is the secret truth of worship that provides the foundation for the yogic path of devotion.

Sri Aurobindo, The Upanishads, Shwetashwatara Upanishad, pp.369-384

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