Spiritual Aspiration Is the Sign of the Development of the Spiritual Being as the Next Stage in the Evolution of Consciousness

Close observation can identify the next evolutionary phase that is preparing to manifest.  If we observe Matter closely, we find that more refined forms of material substance, such as metals, begin to exhibit behaviors that foreshadow those we would expect from living beings.  These responses go beyond those we see in material substance generally.  Similarly, we find in various living beings, an increasing stress towards mental development that begins to approach the advent of the full mental capabilities of man.  Things like strategic planning, advanced communication skills, and tool usage appear in higher animal forms, and there is even evidence of cooperation, emotional bonding beyond immediate family, and grieving that have been observed in animals, and which formerly were considered to be more or less entirely human potentials.

We can identify, within the context of humanity, that various individuals manifest capacities that are either not generally utilized by the mass of humanity at this time, or represent cutting edge capacities that are not part of the mental being’s primary repertoire, but signal a next step that must take place to resolve limitations of the mental consciousness, just as the development of mind worked to free the material and vital manifestations from limitations they experience in the expression of consciousness.

The broadly defined mental capacities include self-awareness, logical thought, and the ability to differentiate, classify, categorize and organize.  There are also powers of speculation, imagination and extrapolation.  These powers actually get developed to a greater or lesser extent throughout humanity.  Much less frequent are powers of spiritual aspiration and a seeking for meaning and spiritual growth and transformation.  This is not the same as a religious belief, which after all imposes itself on the existing mental and vital powers as a belief system and a series of tenets, but an entirely different order of activity.

Spiritual activity tends to look at things in a more comprehensive or global manner, not fixated on the individual or the step-by-step mental process; rather it works through intuition, inspiration and vision to take the individual out of the normal logical intellect and emotional reactions.  This activity represents the kind of transformational change in standpoint that is a corollary to the advent of life in matter, or the advent of mind in life.

Sri Aurobindo observes in The Life Divine: “If it be supposed that her (n.b. Nature’s) next step is the spiritual and supramental being, the stress of spirituality in the race may be taken as a sign that that is Nature’s intention, the sign too of the capacity of man to operate in himself or aid her to operate the transition.  If the appearance in animal being of a type similar in some respects to the ape-kind but already from the beginning endowed with the elements of humanity was the method of the human evolution, the appearance in the human being of a spiritual type resembling the mental-animal humanity but already with the stamp of the spiritual aspiration on it would be the obvious method of Nature for the evolutionary production of the spiritual and supramental being.”


Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man, Chapter Two, The Place of Man in Evolution, pp. 5-13

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