Understanding and Harmonising the Reality of the Individual, the Society and the Universe

The apparent conflict between the fulfillment and perfection of the individual and the needs of the society can only be fully resolved when we recognise the validity of each term of the universal manifestation.  The human mind likes to create “either/or” determinations, but this frame of thought tends to artificially fragment what is actually a complex inter-weaving of elements that make up the entirety of the creation.  The individual is not simply an economic unit in the machinery of the society.  There is a purpose residing within the individual and it is through the cumulative expressions of all individuals that the larger groupings of humanity find their direction as well.  At the same time, the larger groupings each have their own role and they help to guide and influence the development of the individual members.  Both the individual and the society manifest the deeper significance of the universal creation and the evolution of consciousness which acts as the defining thread of its manifestation.

Sri Aurobindo notes in The Life Divine, “There is a Reality, a truth of all existence which is greater and more abiding than all its formations and manifestations; to find that truth and Reality and live in it, achieve the most perfect manifestation and formation possible of it, must be the secret of perfection whether of individual or communal being.  This Reality is there within each thing and gives to each of its formations its power of being and value of being.  The universe is a manifestation of the Reality, and there is a truth of the universal existence, a Power of cosmic being, an all-self or world-spirit.  Humanity is a formation or manifestation of the Reality in the universe, and there is a truth and self of humanity, a human spirit, a destiny of human life.  The community is a formation of the Reality, a manifestation of the spirit of man, and there is a truth, a self, a power of the collective being.  The individual is a formation of the Reality, and there is a truth of the individual, an individual self, soul or spirit that expresses itself through the individual mind, life and body and can express itself too in something that goes beyond mind, life and body, something even that goes beyond humanity.  For our humanity is not the whole of the Reality or its best possible self-formation or self-expression, — the Reality has assumed before man existed an infra-human formation and self-creation and can assume after him or in him a suprahuman formation and self-creation.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man, Chapter Three, The Present Evolutionary Crisis, pp. 29-30

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