The Triple Path of Knowledge, Devotion and Works Prepares the Being Integrally for the Spiritual Change

Human beings are complex, with differing focus and needs for the differing parts of our being, which also speak to various interactions between us and the world around us.  The evolutionary force in the universal creation works through all of these parts and levels and interactions to create its progressive manifestation.  Focusing on any one aspect, therefore, while it may bring about individual progress for that part of the being, nevertheless does so at the expense of the other aspects of our lives.

It is therefore eventually important, whether through sequential development, or concurrent efforts, for each primary aspect of the human individuality to develop and reach its spiritual fulfillment.   Eventually there must be mental, emotional and vital progress whereby each part of our being achieves its spiritual state of Oneness, not through exclusive concentration that denies the need or right of the other parts, but through an integral development that brings about spiritual change throughout the entire being, both inwardly and in its relations with others and in the world-movement.

The Yoga of knowledge, the Yoga of love and devotion, and the Yoga of works represent the development, respectively of the mental power, the emotional power, and the vital will in action.  They prepare the being for the spiritual transformation as the hold of the outer being and the desire-soul is loosened and the ego-sense diminishes so that the true soul can guide the development in the next phase of the evolution of the universal creation.

Sri Aurobindo observes in The Life Divine:  “A combination of all these three approaches, the approach of the mind, the approach of the will, the approach of the heart, creates a spiritual or psychic condition of the surface being and nature in which there is a larger and more complex openness to the psychic light within us and to the spiritual Self or the Ishwara, to the Reality now felt above and enveloping and penetrating us.  In the nature there is a more powerful and many-sided change, a spiritual building and self-creation, the appearance of a composite perfection of the saint, the selfless worker and the man of spiritual knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man, Chapter Six, The Triple Transformation, pg. 70

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