The Descent of the Divine Knowledge, Force and Bliss into Mind, Life and Body

Traditional yoga speaks of the rise of the Kundalini energy from the base chakra to the crown chakra, but does not generally describe the descent of a force, originating above in the superconscient, which can influence, modify and effect action in the mind-life-body complex.  Based on these traditional descriptions, we come to believe that the rising of the force, and the consequent movement into the trance of Samadhi and abandonment of the life of the world and its concerns is the true goal of Yoga.  Sri Aurobindo, in describing the ongoing process of the evolution of consciousness in Nature, makes it clear that the next stage of the evolutionary development must be reached, integrated and then allowed to influence and begin to control the actions of the lower nature.  This occurs through a descent of this higher knowledge and force into the body, an experience that has now become quite usual among practitioners of the integral yoga.  Others, not specifically following this particular yogic path, also describe similar experiences for which they do not necessarily have a name or a basis of recognition, as this evolutionary force spreads to a wider segment of humanity in preparation for its full manifestation in the world.

Sri Aurobindo observes in The Life Divine:  “This experience of descent can take place as a result of the other two movements or automatically before either has happened, through a sudden rift in the lid or a percolation, a downpour or an influx.  A light descends and touches or envelops or penetrates the lower being, the mind, the life or the body; or a presence or a power or a stream of knowledge pours in waves or currents, or there is a flood of bliss or a sudden ecstasy; the contact with the superconscient has been established.  For such experiences repeat themselves till they become normal, familiar and well-understood, revelatory of their contents and their significance which may have at first been involved and wrapped into secrecy by the figure of the covering experience.  For a knowledge from above begins to descend, frequently, constantly, then uninterruptedly, and to manifest in the mind’s quietude or silence; intuitions and inspirations, revelations born of a greater sight, a higher truth and wisdom, enter into the being, a luminous intuitive discrimination works which dispels all darkness of understanding or dazzling confusions, puts all in order; a new consciousness begins to form, the mind of a high wide self-existent thinking knowledge or an illlumined or an intuitive or an overmental consciousness with new forces of thought or sight and a greater power of direct spiritual realisation which is more than thought or sight, a greater becoming in the spiritual substance of our present being; the heart and the sense become subtle, intense, large to embrace all existence, to see God, to feel and hear and touch the Eternal, to make a deeper and a closer unity of self and the world in a transcendent realisation.  Other decisive experiences, other changes of consciousness determine themselves which are corollaries and consequences of this fundamental change.  No limit can be fixed to this revolution; for it is in its nature an invasion by the Infinite.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man, Chapter Six, The Triple Transformation, pp. 74-75

2 thoughts on “The Descent of the Divine Knowledge, Force and Bliss into Mind, Life and Body

  1. Namaste! Dear Fried I thank you every day for your wonderful Blog and this Guidance! I’m so grateful for Sri Aurobindo’s Teaching and explanations and all His Pioneer Work. He always finds words, even at the highest experiences, and lead us in such a beautiful way, which an ordinary mind never could.

  2. How far off the mark, if at all, the Western understanding of the chakra system may be, I like to think that — in a sense and in many ways — we are here as a species, essentially attempting to bring our collective Ajna into balance. (Thus, all the present talk of “aperspectival awareness” along with the left hemisphere and right hemisphere of the brain as well as the “integrating principle” between them which governs their proper functioning.) I further like to think that the present emphasis on “ecological consciousness,” “systems thinking” and “bioregional thinking” may indicate that we have, at last, “found our way home to Earth,” hopefully with our awareness of Cosmological Consciousness intact.

    What I like to think doesn’t matter in the grander scheme of things, of course, but this is essentially how I choose to see the present state of human affairs as opposed to their being hopelessly delusional.

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