Overcoming the Long, Slow Evolutionary Process of Nature Through Conscious Participation

Evolutionary time is generally measured in millennia, actually in tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years, through a process of a pressure of new consciousness pressing on Nature and Nature developing the appropriate forms to hold that force and manifest it effectively.  This process generally takes place, however, with the conscious insight and support of an awakened being who understands the general process and participates actively in its realisation.  We see therefore a potential methodology towards speeding up this evolutionary change process now that there is a basis of awakened mentality and emergence of the soul as a support.

Through the processes of Yoga, changes can be effectuated in the body and the vital reactions, as well as the mind.  The aware human being can concentrate energies, utilize tools of transformation and consciously focus on providing the fertile ground needed for the supramental consciousness to enter and thrive.

With our understanding of the evolutionary crisis we currently are facing, where the survival and well-being of not just humanity, but all the beings that share the planet, is at stake, it is clear that there is no time to be lost in moving the process forward.  Sri Aurobindo points out that the method of Nature is to create an inflection point, a form of crisis, that requires an “evolutionary saltus” to manifest the consciousness that brings with it a new hope and a new solution.  We are at such an inflection point today in the world and it is a new, universalized consciousness that is needed to solve this crisis.  It is not possible to solve the problems created through our mental framework if we remain rooted in the limitations of that frame.  It is thus an appropriate time to participate in the evolutionary steps that will help humanity transcend the mental consciousness and its limited capabilities.

Sri Aurobindo notes in The Life Divine:  “For a real transformation there must be a direct and unveiled intervention from above; there would be necessary too a total submission and surrender of the lower consciousness, a cessation of its insistence, a will in it for its separate law of action to be completely annulled by transformation and lose all rights over our being.  If these two conditions can be achieved even now by a conscious call and will in the spirit and a participation of our whole manifested and inner being in its change and elevation, the evolution, the transformation can take place by a comparatively swift conscious change; the supramental Consciousness-Force from above and the evolving Consciousness-Force from behind the veil acting on the awakened awareness and will of the mental human being would accomplish by their united power the momentous transition.  There would be no farther need of a slow evolution counting many millenniums for each step, the halting and difficult evolution operated by Nature in the past in the unconscious creatures of the Ignorance.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man, Chapter Seven, The Ascent Towards Supermind, pg. 79

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