Criteria for the Supramental Transformation in the Individual

Sri Aurobindo extrapolates on the meaning of the psychic and spiritual transformations as he reviews the preconditions for the supramental transformation.  There must be, not just an opening to the influence of the soul, but the emergence of the soul as the core and active driver of the being and its responses in life.  Additionally, there must be not just a connection to the cosmic consciousness, but a constant contact and a shifting of the standpoint to keep this universal existence at the forefront of perceptions and actions.  The energy centers of the body, the chakras, must be opened and fully functional allowing the proper and balanced action of the being on all levels from the phyiscal to the vital and emotional, to the mental and knowledge centers.

All of these things, as difficult and as distant as they may appear, become pre-conditions for the full emergence and action of the supramental force in human life.  The Knowledge-Will of the Supreme must find a wide, supportive and ready instrument when it chooses to manifest.  Anything less than this will compromise its action, and  limit the completeness of its transformation of human life.  Realistically, there is a lot of preparation needed to effect the radical shift of consciousness of the next evolutionary stage.  While Nature is preparing these changes and beginning to create the necessary readiness throughout the entire creation, the conscious individual may be able to help speed up this process through conscious participation.  Nevertheless, either way it is not an “overnight” event but a somewhat long and arduous journey for humanity, not the work of a single lifetime, but one which may take generations to fully be realised.

Sri Aurobindo writes in The Life Divine:  “A unification of the entire being by a breaking down of the wall between the inner and outer nature, — a shifting of the position and centration of the consciousness from the outer to the inner self, a firm foundation on this new basis, a habitual action from this inner self and its will and vision and an opening up of the individual into the cosmic consciousness, — is another necessary condition for the supramental change.  It would be chimerical to hope that the supreme Truth-consciousness can establish itself in the narrow formulation of our surface mind and heart and life, however turned towards spirituality.  All the inner centres must have burst open and released into action their capacities; the psychic entity must be unveiled and in control.  If this first change establishing the being in the inner and larger, a Yogic in place of an ordinary consciousness has not been done, the greater transmutation is impossible.  Moreover the individual must have sufficiently universalised himself, he must have recast his individual mind in the boundlessness of a cosmic mentality, enlarged and vivified his individual life into the immediate sense and direct experience of the dynamic motion of the universal life, opened up the communications of his body with the forces of universal Nature, before he can be capable of a change which transcends the present cosmic formulation and lifts him beyond the lower hemisphere of universality into a consciousness belong to its spiritual upper hemisphere.  Besides he must have already become aware of what is now to him superconscient; he must be already a being conscious of the higher spiritual Light, Power, Knowledge, Ananda, penetrated by its descending influences, new-made by a spiritual change.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man, Chapter Seven, The Ascent Towards Supermind, pp. 83-84

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