Understanding the Transitional Phase Ushering in the Supermind as the Next Level of Manifestation of Consciousness

While it is not possible for the mental consciousness to fully appreciate the scope, methods of knowing or powers of action and implementation of the supramental consciousness, it is possible to extrapolate some characteristics that are implied in a consciousness that is based in oneness and knowledge, rather than in fragmentation, division and multiplicity.

It is also possible to look at the evolutionary process that has proceeded thus far to understand the methodology used by the Divine to implement a next evolutionary phase and integrate it with those that preceded it.

Since nothing can evolve that has not been previously involved, the supramental consciousness must already be involved and the pressure for it to manifest coming from below, aided by a responding pressure to manifest from above, provides signs of change along the way.

Sri Aurobindo writes in The Life Divine:  “This passage is the stage at which the supermind gnosis can take over the lead of the evolution from the overmind and build the first foundations of its own characteristic manifestation and unveiled activities; it must be marked therefore by a decisive but long-prepared transition from an evolution in the Ignorance to an always progressive evolution in the Knowledge.  It will not be a sudden revelation and effectuation of the absolute Supermind and the supramental being as they are in their own plane, the swift apocalypse of a truth-conscious existence ever self-fulfilled and complete in self-knowledge; it will be the phenomenon of the supramental being descending into a world of evolutionary becoming and forming itself there, unfolding the powers of the gnosis within the terrestrial nature.”

“[This revelation] can assume the formula of a truth-conscious existence founded in an inherent self-knowledge but at the same time taking up into itself mental nature and the nature of life and material body.  For the supermind as the truth consciousness of the Infinite has in its dynamic principle the infinite power of free self-determination.  It can hold all knowledge in itself and yet put forward in formulation only what is needed at each stage of an evolution; it formulates whatever is in accordance with the Divine Will in manifestation and the truth of the thing to be manifested.  It is by this power that it is able to hold back its knowledge, hide its own character and law of action and manifest Overmind and under Overmind a world of ignorance in which the being wills on its surface not to know and even puts itself under the control of a pervading Nescience.  But in this new stage the veil thus put on will be lifted….”

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man, Chapter Eight, The Gnostic Being, pp. 96-97

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