A Supramental Race of Beings Would Represent Unity With Diversity

It is a strong characteristic habit of the human mind to want to neatly classify everything and to create clear distinctions, “either/or” formulations, and categorize everything in this “black and white” context.  This overly simplified approach, of course, does not do justice to the actual status of Nature which has unimaginable diversity and wonder in the forms and beings it presents, even though all is originally based in the Oneness of the divine Creation.

When the supramental force manifests itself in its own characteristic manner, therefore, it will overcome the mental limitation and revel in diversity, just as one can see the beauty of a field of wildflowers with dozens or even hundreds of varieties and colors beautifying the view.

We tend to believe, in our mental standpoint, that the way to “unity” is through “uniformity”.  If everyone eats the same, dresses the same, acts the same, thinks the same, we will have “unity”.  This is however a fallacy and quickly stifles all growth and development.  Societies that have attempted this approach become static and eventually break down under a lack of motivation, ingenuity and discovery that attends a strictly uniform process.

The evolution of consciousness cannot therefore be based in everyone following the same religious teaching, or philosophical approach, method of devotion or development, diet, or customs or habits.  There will be as many paths in this process as there are individuals.  While many may actually follow similar approaches, they will invariably customize their own approach to meet the needs of their own individual nature and status of development, within the context of the society, the time in which they live, and the opportunities placed before them.

The supramental beings will find comfort in diversity and will embrace the wide variety that ensues, rather than taking our mental approach that fears those that are different or who follow different paths, speak different languages, profess different religious ideas, or who have a different shade of skin tone!  They will appreciate the underlying and containing unity of oneness, while enjoying the different modes of expression that diversity can bring forth.

This acceptance of diversity also implies that those beings and forms which represent the earlier evolutionary stages, those of Matter, Life and Mind, will be appreciated and integrated into the larger patterns of life as essential elements in the completeness of the divine intention in the universal manifestation.

Sri Aurobindo writes in The Life Divine:  A supramental or gnostic race of beings would not be a race made according to a single type, moulded in a single fixed pattern; for the law of the Supermind is unity fulfilled in diversity, and therefore there would be an infinite diversity in the manifestation of the gnostic consciousness although that consciousness would still be one in its basis, in its constitution, in its all-revealing and all-uniting order…. In the supramental race itself, in the variation of its degrees, the individuals would not be cast according to a single type of individuality; each would be different from the other, a unique formation of the Being, although one with all the rest in foundation of self and sense of oneness and in the principles of his being.”


Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man, Chapter Eight, The Gnostic Being, pp. 99-100

1 thought on “A Supramental Race of Beings Would Represent Unity With Diversity

  1. I appreciate how this information is well articulated in a way that I can use it to identify with and expand on existing knowledge and move forward with being open to new experiences 🤠

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