The Future Evolution of Man: Summary and Conclusions

It seems wherever we turn nowadays we are confronted with enormous challenges.  Climate change and global pollution are taking a toll on the planet and scientists confirm we are in the midst of the sixth species “die off” event they could document through geologic evidence on the planet.  The earth is under pressure like never before.  When we add to that humanity overrunning the resources of the planet by utilizing resources at a pace that is at least three times that which is sustainable, and that certain resources, such as fresh water, are under tremendous pressure.

All of these things are causes of disruption in human society and represent causes of conflict, migration and mass suffering.  Droughts, pandemics, increased intensity of catastrophic storms and fires, all challenge our way of interacting with the environment, the other species that share the planet with us, and with our fellow human beings.

Based on the habitual manner in which our mind responds to the vital and physical world around us, and the overarching influence of the vital ego on our mental processes, we have not only disrupted the balance of Nature, but we have created endless conflict through our narrow, limited, fragmented “either/or” way of seeing things and responding to issues that arise.  We thus see a proliferation of economic models, political systems, religious approaches to life that all seem to conflict with each other and which each believe to be the only truth, and therefore entitled to set the rules and guidelines for everyone else, either through persuasion or through majority rule, or if that fails, through compulsion and destructive acts.  The principle of desire which permeates the vital stage of evolution controls the application of the mind to achieve egoistic, not universal, objectives.

Meanwhile we continue to invade habitat that provides both the needed oxygen production for us to breathe, as well as restricts the range of other species, and increase the proximity of potential disease vectors, creating more opportunity for global pandemic events to occur.  Climate change also extends the range of disease vectors.

We continue to try to compensate for our depletion of resources through use of artificial fertilizers, and the expanded use of pesticides and herbicides, all of which increase the toxic load on the planet.

If this is not sufficient cause for concern, our economic models tend to result in a small number of individuals controlling the vast bulk of all resources on the planet and preventing equitable access to all of humanity.  Add to this our scourges of genocide, racism, religious bigotry and misogyny and we have created a toxic environment that makes it difficult, if not virtually impossible to resolve issues on a global basis with our current mental approach to affairs.

Clearly a change is needed.

Sri Aurobindo has pointed out that the process of Nature in its evolutionary cycle is not solely related to the change of forms, but first and foremost, an evolution of consciousness, from the material, to the vital, to the mental, thus far.  He points out that this process tends to involve an increasing pressure on the existing status quo until such time as the next level of evolution can manifest and add an entirely new perspective and method of action.  It is time, based on the pressure we see in the natural world around us, and the gridlock that humanity has reached in its mental approach, for the next stage of the evolutionary cycle to manifest, the supramental manifestation.

The mind operates on the basis of separation, fragmentation and limited linear approaches to things.  It therefore misses major factors that are affected by its focused approach, leading to massive unintended consequences.  It is therefore not capable of solving the global, all-encompassing issues that threaten the very survival of humanity on the planet.  A new consciousness, based in oneness and recognizing the unity of the entire creation, the divine intention in that creation, and the infinite diversity that exists in the creation, is required to develop insights, solutions and methods that can resolve these conflicting approaches currently wreaking havoc on the planet.

Many believe that the solution to these crises will come about through advanced technology.  Technology certainly must play a role in addressing a number of issues, but it must be technology under the management of a comprehensive, integral vision, not driven by the mind’s limited and fragmented approach which creates problems while it solves specific issues.

A careful review of evolution, and an insightful view of human psychology and the unexplained capacities that sometimes arise, show us that there is a next phase to the evolutionary cycle that is pressuring to manifest more widely.  Humanity can support this needed development through conscious participation and preparation of our human psychology to widen, expand our capacities, perfect our instruments of action, and recognize the need for a wider, more inclusive view in our actions in the world.

The Future Evolution of Man has provided an organized presentation of the basis, necessity and steps towards the manifestation of the supramental consciousness on earth.  For those who want more detail we recommend reading The Life Divine, The Synthesis of Yoga, and The Human Cycle: the Psychology of Social Development from which the presentation in the current volume has been compiled and presented by P.B. Saint-Hilaire.

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man,

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    On Mon, 21 Sep 2020, 17:29 Sri Aurobindo Studies, wrote:

    > sriaurobindostudies posted: “It seems wherever we turn nowadays we are > confronted with enormous challenges. Climate change and global pollution > are taking a toll on the planet and scientists confirm we are in the midst > of the sixth species “die off” event they could document through” >

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