Consciousness Active in the Inconscience of Matter

When we observe material substance with our normal vision, we see inanimate, dead matter, seemingly without any sign of consciousness within it. Sri Aurobindo calls this the “inconscience” as there is no external sign of awareness or active consciousness. Yet if we look behind the surface to the inner workings of Matter, we see an incredible and detailed action of consciousness at work, in the atomic structure, in the mathematical precision of the forms of Matter, and in the complex interrelations and interactions in all material existence. A close examination at the atomic level also makes it clear that Matter holds within it immeasurable Energy in a concentrated and highly organized form. We can thank modern scientists and their relentless efforts to understand the secrets of the material universe for confirming the insights presented by the Rishis and Sages of Vedic times.

We see in the microcosm of atoms and in the macrocosm of the stars, planets, solar systems, galaxies and all the phenomena of light, gravity, electro-magnetic spectrum, mass, black holes, pulsars, the working of a very precise system and pattern that creates a fractal repetition in every direction, and which evidences consciousness informing all of the forms of existence, including what we consider to be inanimate Matter.

If we look closely we can see an emergence of consciousness to the surface in crystals, metals and other developing forms of Matter. This emergence foreshadows the development of consciousness we call Life, which remains based in Matter, but now provides evidence on the surface of an active Intelligence.

Sri Aurobindo observes: “The body, we have said, is a creation of the Inconscient and itself inconscient or at least subconscient in parts of itself and much of its hidden action; but what we call the inconscient is an appearance, a dwelling place, an instrument of a secret Consciousness or a Superconscient which has created the miracle we call the universe. Matter is the field and the creation of the Inconscient and the perfection of the operations of inconscient Matter, their perfect adaptation of means to an aim and end, the wonders they perform and the marvels of beauty they create, testify, in spite of all the ignorant denial we can oppose, to the presence and power of consciousness of this Superconscience in every part and movement of the material universe. It is there in the body, has made it and its emergence in our consciousness is the secret aim of evolution and the key to the mystery of our existence.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, The Perfection of the Body, pg.. 34

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