The Principle of the Supramental Transformation

The speed with which the transformation of the nature takes place is conditioned by the limitations of the mind, life and body. The supramental consciousness, in order to manifest in human life, needs to either work through the existing instruments, or utterly transform their functioning. In reality it is a dual process of influencing the mind, life and body, expanding their capacities, reducing their limitations, and eventually, transforming their action entirely to meet the needs of the next evolutionary phase.

The mind is fixed in its narrow bands of logical intellect and its inability to take in and appreciate the multi-faceted reality within which we actually live. To the extent we can widen the mental view and be released from these limitations, we can begin to see and understand the truth of our existence. Similarly the vital part of our nature focuses on fulfillment of desires, and self-aggrandisement, without opening to the wider forces and the mutually dependent and symbiotic relationships that show that the individual fulfillment of desires and the self-satisfaction that accompanies that is not the truth of existence. The body itself is limited by physical habits and instinctive responses, by limitations and weaknesses that allows the body to break down under increasing pressure or demands.

The supramental consciousness brings with it naturally a new standpoint, a new energy and power of implementation and a new relationship to physical nature. These things may act to modify the existing forms of mind, life and body, or may radically transform their action.

Sri Aurobindo writes: “Here a slow and tardy change need no longer be the law or manner of our evolution; it will be only so to a greater or less extent so long as a mental ignorance clings and hampers our ascent; but once we have grown into the truth-consciousness its power of spiritual truth of being will determine all. Into that truth we shall be freed and it will transform mind and life and body. Light and bliss and beauty and a perfection of the spontaneous right action of all the being are there as native powers of the supramental truth-consciousness and these will in their very nature transform mind and life and body even here upon earth into a manifestation of the truth-conscious spirit. The obscurations of earth will not prevail against the supramental truth-consciousness, for even into the earth it can bring enough of the omniscient light and omnipotent force of the spirit to conquer. All may not open to the fullness of its light and power, but whatever does open must to that extent undergo the change. That will be the principle of transformation.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, The Divine Body, pp. 43-44

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