Stages in the Expression of the Supramental Consciousness

Life arises out of Matter. Mind arises out of Life. The higher intellect and reason arises out of Mind. We can see a clear progression whereby the next phase of evolution emerges within a subset of the prior phase. In most instances, we see the development of a new species, even if this develops in stages over time, to incorporate the changes needed in the physical body, the life energy and the mental capacity in order to effectively hold and express the higher phase that is trying to manifest.

We may then expect to see a similar progression take place as Supermind evolves and manifests. Within humanity, currently the leading species showing the development of the reasoning intellect, we could find individuals who begin the process of development towards a new expression and manifestation.

The longer-term development may include physical, vital and mental changes that would represent a new emergent species, but in the short term, we likely would see a new consciousness of oneness and understanding of the interplay of the multiplicity developing among various individuals. It can be expected, as we see from the former stages of evolution, that humanity as a whole and its various developmental stages remain intact as steps or rungs on the ladder of consciousness and that we would see a complex added interaction take place as the supramental awareness begins to make itself felt in terms of how we understand and act upon the events of the world. Eventually, however, the supramental development cannot fully manifest within the limits set by our current mind, life and body; thus, we have to expect some evolutionary development on these levels corresponding to the increasing pressure and need of the supramental consciousness to reach its full potential.

Sri Aurobindo writes: “It might also be that the transformation might take place by stages; there are powers of the nature still belonging to the mental region which are yet potentialities of a growing gnosis lifted beyond our human mentality and partaking of the light and power of the Divine and an ascent through these planes, a descent of them into the mental being might seem to be the natural evolutionary course.”

“But in practice it might be found that these intermediate levels would not be sufficient for the total transformation since, being themselves illumined potentialities of mental being not yet supramental in the full sense of the word, they could bring down to the mind only a partial divinity or raise the mind towards that but not effectuate its elevation into the complete supramentality of the truth-consciousness. Still these levels might become stages of the ascent which some would reach and pause there while others went higher and could reach and live on superior strata of a semi-divine existence. It is not to be supposed that all humanity would rise in a block into the Supermind; at first those only might attain to the highest or some intermediate height of the ascent whose inner evolution has fitted them for so great a change or who are raised by the direct touch of the Divine into its perfect light and power and bliss. The large mass of human beings might still remain for long content with a normal or only a partially illumined and uplifted human nature. But this would be itself a sufficiently radical change and initial transformation of earth-life; for the way would be open to all who have the will to rise, the supramental influence of the truth-consciousness would touch the earth-life and influence even its untransformed mass and a hope would be there and a promise eventually available to all which now only the few can share in or realise.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, The Divine Body, pp. 44-45

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