Enhanced Powers of Knowledge and Action Develop with Activation of the Subtle Energy Centers

Many people have had experiences of knowing what someone else is thinking, completing a sentence that the other person is uttering, or feeling emotions or vital drives from others, individuals or mass gatherings. We do not generally consider the implications of these experiences, however. Some of this is dismissed as simply getting subtle “signals” from another person that can be interpreted. But the experiences go far beyond such subtle signalling, and experiments in communication where the subjects were kept isolated from one another indicate that there is much more taking place here.

There are also experiences, unexplained by Western science of individuals thousands of miles apart getting precise thoughts, emotions, feelings, including knowledge of a loved one dying, at the moment the event was occurring. Modern theories in physics such as quantum entanglement and network theory are approaching explanations from the side of material science. They have not yet entertained the idea, however, that consciousness is universal, one and instantaneous and thus, through openness, “tuning” and “calibration” experiences of various sorts can be passed to others or received by others.

The implication here is that there are active powers already at work to some degree in the human being which, if focused, concentrated, developed, and trained, could open up entire new vistas of progress for the development of the next evolutionary phase. Under the guidance and direction of the supramental consciousness, these powers could radically transform the way we communicate, relate to one another and even manage our bodily functions and active life.

Sri Aurobindo writes: “The brain would be a channel of communication of the form of the thoughts and a battery of their insistence on the body and the outside world where they could then become effective directly, communicating themselves without physical means from mind to mind, producing with a similar directness effects on the thoughts, actions and lives of others or even upon material things. The heart would equally be a direct communicant and medium of interchange for the feelings and emotions thrown outward upon the world by the forces of the psychic centre. Heart could reply directly to heart, the life-force come to the help of other lives and answer their call in spite of strangeness and distance, many beings without any external communication thrill with the message and meet in the secret light from one divine centre. The will might control the organs that deal with food, safeguard automatically the health, eliminate greed and desire, substitute subtler processes or draw in strength and substance from the universal life-force so that the body could maintain for a long time its own strength and substance without loss or waste, remaining thus with no need of sustenance by material aliments, and yet continue a strenuous action with no fatigue or pause for sleep or repose. The soul’s will or the mind’s could act from higher sources upon the sex centre and the sex organs so as to check firmly or even banish the grosser sexual impulse or stimulus and instead of serving an animal excitation or crude drive or desire turn their use to the storing, production and direction towards brain and heart and life-force of the essential energy, ojas, of which this region is the factory so as to support the works of the mind and soul and spirit and the higher life-powers and limit the expenditure of the energy on lower things. The soul, the psychic being, could more easily fill all with the light and turn the very matter of the body to higher uses for its own greater purpose.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, The Divine Body, pp. 59-60

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