Assessing the Potential Impacts of an Evolutionary Leap of Consciousness

Massive changes in all life on earth, impacts on every aspect of the planet, the environment and all the beings that reside on the planet, have been the result of the development of the mental evolution seen in mankind. The mind has explored the quantum realm at the atomic level, the astronomical depth of the universe with its stars, planets, quasars and black holes, the physical forces that operate on the planet and the genome of plants, animals, and human beings. But beyond this exploration, humanity has begun to actually intervene in the operations of the web of life, and has undertaken atomic fission and fusion, as well as gene editing and chromosome level genetic tinkering. Cloning has been done. Chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs have been developed which affect living beings as well as the environment. We are creating a massive change to the climate of the planet with our carbon-producing machinery and the impacts of our dietary changes to increase the demand for meat production. Many of these changes are intentional, others are unintended, but nevertheless real, consequences of human actions.

All of this recap of the impact of the mind on human life and existence, as well as the planetary environment is useful as a prelude to understanding the kind of massive and unprecedented changes that can be expected with the advent of a new, entirely more powerful mode of knowledge and action that would come with the supramental manifestation, which promises to be even more of a change agent for the planet than human mental development has been. With a new unified understanding, we would expect that many of the negative and unintended consequences of our mental actions will be repaired and put back into balance. Yet we can foresee that massive changes can and will occur as this new consciousness makes itself felt in the material world.

Sri Aurobindo observes: “A divine life upon earth, the ideal we have placed before us, can only come about by a spiritual change of our being and a radical and fundamental change, an evolution or revolution of our nature. The embodied being upon earth would have to rise out of the domination over it of its veils of mind, life and body into the full consciousness and possession of its spiritual reality, and its nature also would have to be lifted out of the consciousness and power of consciousness proper to a mental, vital and physical being into the greater consciousness and greater power of being and the larger and freer life of the spirit. It would not lose these former veils but they would no longer be veils or imperfect expressions but true manifestations; they would be changed into states of light, powers of spiritual life, vehicles of a spiritual existence. But this again could not be if mind, life and body were not taken up and transformed by a state of being and a force of being superior to them, a power of Supermind as much above our incomplete mental nature as that is above the nature of animal life and animated Matter, as it is immeasurably above the mere material nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Supermind and the Life Divine, pg. 63

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