The Process of the Supramental Manifestation

As the next phase in the evolution of consciousness, the supramental manifestation will necessarily occur, one way or another, in the process of Nature. Nature evolves through an internal pressure of growth and development that corresponds to the force arising from the native plane of the principle to be manifested next. The evolutionary process normally can take many thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of years to fully bring forth a new stage and solidify it in the earth consciousness. The question that arises is whether and how this can occur within a time frame meaningful to humanity and our current stage of mental development. If Nature has to follow its long, slow, meticulous process, we would not expect to see any signs of progress in our lifetime, or even in a number of lifetimes. There is however a difference, as Sri Aurobindo notes. The Supermind is manifesting through the conscious and willing participation and aspiration of awakening mental beings, and thus, can potentially move much more swiftly than the inconscient or subconscient action of Nature.

Sri Aurobindo points out that this can either follow an evolutionary or a revolutionary path. The first would be the line of the development of Nature, perhaps more speedily attained, but following out Nature’s normal process. The second would be a much more rapid ascent and integration process which would seem to overleap Nature’s methodology. It is possible, of course, that what looks miraculous to us in terms of speed and action may simply be the result of a preparation that has taken place behind the scenes, and which only becomes perceptible to us once it bursts forth into the forefront. It may also, however be due to the action of a new principle in the manifestation that allows changes, heretofore impossible to conceive, to occur with unprecedented rapidity.

Sri Aurobindo observes: “A manifestation of the Supermind and its truth-consciousness is then inevitable; it must happen in this world sooner or later. But it has two aspects, a descent from above, an ascent from below, a self-revelation of the Spirit, an evolution in Nature. The ascent is necessarily an effort, a working of Nature, an urge or nisus on her side to raise her lower parts by an evolutionary or revolutionary change, conversion or transformation into the divine reality and it may happen by a process and progress or by a rapid miracle. The descent or self-revelation of the Spirit is an act of the supreme Reality from above which makes the realisation possible and it can appear either as the divine aid which brings about the fulfillment of the progress and process or as the sanction of the miracle.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Supermind and the Life Divine, pp. 65-66

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