The Advent of Supermind and Its Transformations to the World of Matter, Life and Mind

Each principle of consciousness, as it evolves into the world, takes up and transforms, to the extent possible, the principles that preceded it. We can see this as Life made Matter more responsive and gave it new forms as the powers of Life permeated the material world. Similarly, when Mind manifested, it took up both the principles of Life and Matter and has created enormous changes in both, to the extent that it now is able to make changes at the atomic level of Matter and in the very biochemistry and genetic action of Life. Thus, it can be expected that the supramental manifestation will have similarly, or potentially even more far-reaching, impacts on Matter, Life and Mind as it brings to bear its powers of awareness, consciousness and will in the world. The process is generally evolutionary as forms and actions need to be modified within the framework of those earlier formations of consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo notes: “The descent of the Supermind will bring to one who receives it and is fulfilled in the truth-consciousness all the possibilities of the divine life. It will take up not only the whole characteristic experience which we recognise already as constituting the spiritual life, but also all which we now exclude from that category but which is capable of divinisation, not excluding whatever of the earth-nature and the earth-life can be transformed by the touch of the Supermind and taken up into the manifested life of the Spirit. For a divine life on earth need not be a thing apart and exclusive having nothing to do with the common earthly existence: it will take up human being and human life, transform what can be transformed, spiritualise whatever can be spiritualised, cast its influence on the rest and effectuate either a radical or an uplifting change, bring about a deeper communion between the universal and the individual, invade the ideal with the spiritual truth of which it is a luminous shadow and help to uplift into or towards a greater and higher existence. Mind it will uplift towards a diviner light of thought and will, life towards deeper and truer emotion and action, towards a larger power of itself, towards higher aims and motives. Whatever cannot yet be raised into its own full truth of being, it will bring nearer to that fullness; whatever is not ready even for that change, will still see the possibility open to it whenever its still incomplete evolution has made it ready for self-fulfillment. Even the body, if it can bear the touch of Supermind, will become more aware of its own truth, — for there is a body consciousness that has its own instinctive truth and power of right condition and action, even a kind of unexpressed occult knowledge in the constitution of its cells and tissues which may one day become conscious and contribute to the transformation of the physical being. An awakening must come in the earth-nature and in the earth-consciousness which will be, if not the actual beginning, at least the effective preparation and the first steps of its evolution towards a new and diviner world order.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Supermind and the Life Divine, pp. 68-69


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