Considering Possible Impacts of the Supramental Evolution on Humanity

We can observe the enormous impact that the development of the mental consciousness has had for humanity, all life on earth and even physical Nature. We can anticipate even greater impacts from the advent of the supramental consciousness, given its dramatically higher level of knowledge and power of action. While the mental consciousness focuses on fragmented information and thus, acts out of ignorance with numerous “unintended consequences” that cause other concerns that were not anticipated, the supramental consciousness starts from the unity of the entire manifestation and sees the individual component parts, actions and events as individual elements of that greater whole. Such a different understanding is bound to influence and widen even the mental consciousness as it has to address the concerns that the supramental consciousness can point out and illustrate.

For example, the climate change crisis is caused by numerous individual and societal decisions and actions to harness certain energies for the advancement, comfort and well-being of humanity. When these actions began, there was no consideration of potential global climate impacts that could cause vast destruction at some point. Yet today the issues are arising and the mental awareness has been touched by this holistic, global perspective. We can anticipate that the supramental consciousness, as it expands its influence and overt activity, will work to widen the mental perspective and make it respond more flexibly rather than sticking to its “either/or” preference. Differences in religious belief, differences in economic systems, differences in lifestyle questions create division primarily because our minds adhere to certain fixed sets of rules and they do not see the comprehensive view that embraces them all within one larger system. Once again, the supramental consciousness can build bridges and show the correspondences, synergies and the role of varying perspectives for the completeness of the universal manifesttion in all its fullness.

We hear more and more of people expanding their viewpoints and taking up ideas like “thnk globally, act locally” to embody both the wider unity and the need to focus the action of mind and life-energy within one’s own sphere of immediate influence. We could even intuit that the pressure of the supramental consciousness is already at work to help develop our mental powers to new levels of inclusion and awareness, and we are starting to see people respond to this pressure with a new kind of insight and a new level of tolerance for other views.

Sri Aurobindo writes: “What then would be the consequence for humanity of the descent of Supermind into our earthly existence, its consequence for this race born into a world of ignorance and inconscience but capable of an upward evolution of its consciousness and an ascent into the light and power and bliss of a spiritual being and spiritual nature? The descent into the earth-life of so supreme a creative power as the Supermind and its truth-consciousness could not be merely a new feature or factor added to that life or put in its front but without any other importance or only a restricted importance carrying with it no results profoundly affecting the rest of earth-nature. Especially it could not fail to exercise an immense influence on mankind as a whole, even a radical change in the aspect and prospect of its existence here, even if this power had no other capital result on the material world in which it had come down to intervene. One cannot but conclude that the influence, the change made would be far-reaching, even enormous: it would not only establish the Supermind and a supramental race of beings upon the earth, it could bring about an uplifting and transforming change in mind itself and, as an inevitable consequence, in the consciousness of man, the mental being, and would equally bring about a radical and transforming change in the principles and forms of his living, his ways of action and the whole build and tenor of his life. It would certainly open to man the access to the supramental consciousness and the supramental life; for we must suppose that it is by such a transformation that a race of supramental beings would be created, even as the human race itself has arisen by a less radical but still a considerable uplifting and enlargement of consciousness and conversion of the body’s instrumentation and its indwelling and evolving mental and spiritual capacities and powers out of a first animal state. But even without any such complete transformation, the truth-principle might so far replace the principle we see here of an original ignorance seeking for knowledge and arriving only at a partial knowledge that the human mind could become a power of light, of knowledge finding itself, not the denizen of a half-way twilight or a servant and helper of the ignorance, a purveyor of mingled truth and error. Mind might even become in man, what it is in its fundamental origin, a subordinate, limited and special action of the Supermind, a sufficiently luminous receptacle of truth, and at least all falsity in its works might cease.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Supermind and Humanity, pp. 73-74

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