Concerns that the Supramental Manifestation Will Disrupt the Systematic Stages of Evolutionary Development

If the Supermind were to take up and expand, uplift and greatly modify the mental consciousness, a concern arises as to whether this would create a gap in the evolutionary progression that we see in the earth-manifestation. The argument goes that when mind developed it did not do away with the preceding levels, nor create any kind of impossible gap; rather, we can see stages of development of mind from the basic animal mind through numerous levels of increasing self-awareness and power of action to the highest ranges of human mental consciousness in the reasoning intelligence and higher intuitive faculties.

Sri Aurobindo states these objections clearly and concisely so that he may then take up these concerns as his review advances.

Sri Aurobindo writes: “It could at once be objected that this would alter the whole evolutionary order and its balance and leave an incurable gap in its completeness: there would be an unbridged gulf between man and the animal and no way for the evolutionary nisus to journey over it in the progress of the consciousness from animality to divinity; for some kind of divinity would be involved in the suggested metamorphosis. It might be contended that the true process of evolution is to add a new principle, degree or stage to the already existing order and not to make any alteration in any previously established feature. Man came into being but the animal remained the animal and made no progress towards a half-humanity: all slight modifications of consciousness, capacities or habits in domestic animals produced by the association with man or by his training of them are only slight alterations of the animal intelligence. Still less can the plant move towards animal consciousness or brute Matter become in the slightest degree, even subconsciously or half subconsciously, aware of itself or responsive or reactive. The fundamental distinctions remain and must remain unaltered in the cosmic order.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Supermind and Humanity, pg. 74


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