Impact of the Supramental Manifestation Would Be an Extension of the Evolutionary Movement

Recognizing the enormous changes wrought in Matter and Life with the advent of the Mind, Sri Aurobindo regards the manifestation of the Supermind as likely to cause even greater changes to occur in Matter, Life and Mind. The development from “darkness to light” is one that is fraught with trial and error, slow progress and retrogressions, periods of speedy movement forward, and periods of apparent lack of progress as the changes are assimilated and solidified. When the development shifts “from light to greater light”, everything can be expected to change in the evolutionary process. This does not imply a breaking of the evolutionary movement; rather, it would imply a shifting to a new foundation of action and an acceleration and widening of the influence of that movement.

Sri Aurobindo notes: “One result in the intervention of Supermind in the earth-nature, the descent of the supreme creative Truth-Power, might well be a change in the law of evolution, its method and its arrangement: a larger element of the principle of evolution through knowledge might enter into the forces of the material universe.”

“This might extend itself from a first beginning in the new creation and produce increasing effects in the order which is now wholly an evolution in the ignorance and indeed starts from the complete nescience of the Inconscient and proceeds towards what can be regarded even in its highest attainment of knowledge as a lesser ignorance, since it is more a representation than a direct and complete possession of knowledge. If man began to develop the powers and means of a higher knowledge in something like fullness, if the developing animal opened the door of his mentality to beginnings of conscious thought and even a rudimentary reason, — at his highest he is not so irrevocably far from that even now, — if the plant developed its first subconscient reactions and attained to some kind of primary nervous sensitiveness, if Matter, which is a blind form of the Spirit, were to become more alive with the hidden power within it and to offer more readily the secret sense of things, the occult realities it covers, as for instance, the record of the past it always preserves even in its dumb inconscience or the working of its involved forces and invisible movements revealing veiled powers in material nature to a subtler generalised perception of the new human intelligence, this would be an immense change promising greater changes in the future, but it would mean only an uplifting and not a disturbance of the universal order.”

“Evolution itself would evolve, but it would not be perturbed or founder.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Supermind and Humanity, pp. 75-76


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