Shifting the Basis of Mental Action to the Supramental Standpoint of Oneness Creating the Multiplicity

We speak of sunrise and sunset. We look at the seasons as illustrations of the sun’s position in relation to the earth. All of this is the mental viewpoint of the separated individual trying to make sense of our everyday perceptions. Further review shows us that we are not the center of the universe, and that the earth revolves around the sun and spins on its own axis creating the daily and seasonal changes we observe. Throughout history, mankind has looked on Nature as something separate and other than us, something to be exploited and utilized for our satisfaction, without concern for the greater role and significance of Nature and the need for a balance to be achieved. Today we are learning, through science, and through our own increasing perception and suffering, that we are part of Nature and not separate from it, and that dislocations in the natural world lead to dislocations in our lives.

The mind is an instrument that primarily focuses on distinguishing differences, separating things into distinct and separate units and treating them as if they are each independent entities, rather than understanding that this is a fragmented view of reality. This is due to the evolution of mind from its involved status in Matter and Life. Yet if we shift our standpoint to recognize the larger reality as the basis for the entire manifestation, including the action of the mind, we can understand that in fact, it is the action of the supramental consciousness that is the foundation. The ancient texts tell us that the roots of the world-action are “above” and the branches and leaves below. Once we reorient the action of mind to start from the basis of Oneness, we begin to understand that the differentiating power of the mind is intended to serve a sequential evolutionary action based on the intention of the divine in manifestation and that the supermind provides the key to both the manifestation and the mind’s true function within that manifestation.

Sri Aurobindo observes: “This is essentially the change which can be contemplated as a result of the new evolutionary order, and it would mean a considerable extension of the evolutionary field itself and will answer the question as to the result on humanity of the advent of Supermind into the earth-nature.”

“If mind in its origin from Supermind is itself a power of Supermind, a principle of Light and a power of Light or a force for Knowledge specialised in its action for a subordinate purpose, yet it assumes a different aspect when in the working out of this purpose it separates itself more and more from the supramental light, from the immediate power and supporting illumination of the supramental principle. It is as it departs more and more in this direction from its own highest truth that it becomes a creator or parent of ignorance and is or seems to be the highest power in a world of ignorance; it becomes itself subject to ignorance and seems only to arrive at a partial and imperfect knowledge. The reason of this decline is that it is used by the Supermind principally for the work of differentiation which is necessary if there is to be a creation and a universe. In the Supermind itself, in all its creation there is this differentiating power, the manifestation of the One in the Many and the Many in the One; but the One is never forgotten or lost in its multiplicity which always consciously depends upon and never takes precedence over the eternal oneness. In the mind, on the contrary, the differentiation, the multiplicity does take precedence and the conscious sense of the universal oneness is lost and the separated unit seems to exist for itself and by itself as a sufficient self-conscious integer or in inanimate objects as the inconscient integer.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Supermind and Humanity, pg. 77

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