Humanity in a Supramental Future

Whenever a new principle of consciousness has manifested in the world, whether Life in a world of Matter, or Mind in a world of Life and Matter, major modifications have taken place. We can expect no less from the manifestation of the supramental consciousness. The question then arises as to whether a segment of humanity, prepared and ready to assimilate and express the supramental consciousness, will wind up carrying this evolution forward while the bulk of humanity remains rooted in the current mental-vital-physical consciousness that characterizes human existence today; or, whether all of humanity would wind up being transformed and take on a new position, role and power of action in the cosmic evolutionary process. In the first instance, we would of course expect the existing status of humanity to be modified simply by interaction with and influence by the supramental consciousness. In the latter instance, we see a complete transformation and thus, the mental powers become fully subordinated to the action of the Supermind.

Sri Aurobindo observes: “How far this would go, whether the whole of humanity would be touched or only a part of it ready for the change, would depend on what was intended or possible in the continued order of the universe. If the old evolutionary principle and order must be preserved, then only a section of the race would pass onward, the rest would keep the old human position, level and function in the ascending order. But even so there must be a passage or bridge between the two levels or orders of being by which the evolution would make its transition from one to the other; the mind would there be capable of contact with and modification by the supramental truth and thus would be the means of the soul’s passing on upward: there must be a status of mind capable of receiving and growing in the Light towards Supermind though not reaching it; through that, as even now happens in a lesser degree through a dimmer medium, the lustre of a greater truth would send down its rays for the liberation and uplift of the soul in the ignorance. Supermind is here veiled behind a curtain and, though not organised for its own characteristic action, it is the true cause of all creation here, the power for the growth of truth and knowledge and the ascension of the soul towards the hidden Reality. But in a world where Supermind has made its appearance, it could hardly be a separate factor isolated from the rest, it would inevitably not only create superman but change and uplift man. A total change of the mental principle, such as has been suggested, cannot be ruled out as impossible.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Supermind and Humanity, pp. 78-79

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