Human Reasoning Does Not Easily Validate the Possibility of a Divine Life on Earth

The logical intellect is a poor judge of future possibility of development. It is rooted in the material consciousness and bases its determinations on what it can see, experience or infer from what it perceives. The mind, in general, could not foresee, in the stage of animal mind, the development of the self-aware human being. The developed human mind, up until just a few centuries ago, dismissed the idea that the earth revolved around the sun, or that man would walk on the moon. Visionaries like Nikola Tesla were dismissed by many as spinning fictional ideas that had no reality. Today, of course, we rely on wireless transmission of communications that resulted from his imaginary dreams… The intelligent power of reasoning certainly could not easily foresee or accept the idea that we could delve into the hidden secrets of Matter and create explosive power of energy far beyond anything previously experienced; nor that humanity would one day be making changes to the genetic code of plants and animals to change their present, and their future generations, for specific characteristics.

When this same power of reasoning looks at the idea of the supramental manifestation, it also cannot easily conceive of its reality. It takes a longer view of evolution to note the “unexpected” changes that occurred when Life manifested in Matter, when animal Mind manifested in Life and when the self-aware power of the reasoning intelligence itself appeared in animal mind. Certainly none of these changes could be seen or predicted based on the “current” reality of the time, but nevertheless, through the course of time, they have all come about. Based on this trend line, and the failure of the logical intelligence to foresee these things, a current failure to accept the next phase of evolution and its impacts is both to be expected, and eventually, as the event occurs, dismissed.

Sri Aurobindo writes: “We have supposed not only the descent of the supermind upon the earth but its embodiment in a supramental race with all its natural consequences and a new total action in which the new humanity would find its complete development and assured place in the new order. But it is clear that all this could only come as a result of the evolution which is already taking place upon earth extending far beyond its present bounds and passing into a radically new movement governed by a new principle in which mind and man would be subordinate elements and no longer mind the utmost achievement or man the head or leader. The evolution we see around us at present is not of that kind and, it might be said, shows few signs of such possibility, so few that the reason, at present our only sure guide, has no right to hazard belief in it. Earth, the earth we see, with its life deeply immersed and founded in inconscience and ignorance, is not built for such a development or capable of holding such an advent; its materiality and limitations condemn it to be permanently the field of a far inferior order. It may be said too that for such an order there must be a place somewhere and even if supermind is not a mere unwarranted speculation and is a concrete reality, there is no need and no place for its embodying itself here. Mind, as marking the full play of the knowledge possible to the ignorance, must have its field somewhere and to keep the earth as its natural field would best serve the economy of cosmic Nature. A materialistic philosophy would admit of no possibility of a divine life in Matter; but even a philosophy admitting a soul or spirit or a spiritual terminus of the evolutionary movement here could very well deny the capacity of earth for a divine life: a divine existence could only be achieved by a departure from earth and the body. Even if cosmic existence is not an illusion or Maya, a divine or a completely spiritual being is likely to be possible only in another less material world or only in the pure spirit. At any rate, to the normal human reason the odds seem to be heavily against any early materialisation on earth of anything divine.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Supermind in Evolution, pp. 83-84


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