The Role of the Mind of Light As a Gradation in the Evolutionary Development

Observation of the development of the capacities of mind through its first rudimentary expressions in various animal species, to the current ability in humanity for self-reflection, exercise of logical reasoning powers, as well as powers of differentiation, abstraction, imagination, extrapolation, and inference, among others, shows that the power of mind is not a fixed and immutable power, but one that evolves and grows over time.

It is therefore to be expected that as the evolutionary progression continues, new, as yet unknown or rarely seen powers of the mind must eventuate. These powers, as they develop more broadly, will represent a next stage or gradation in the development of mind. At some point, there will be a transition from the weak, ignorant seeking of our current error-prone mentality to a mind based in oneness and knowledge. That will be a sign of the supramental emergence in a much more complete sense in the evolutionary cycle.

Sri Aurobindo writes: “Mind founded in life developed intellect, developed its types of knowledge and ignorance, truth and error till it reached the spiritual perception and illumination and now can see as in a glass dimly the possibility of supermind and a truth-conscious existence. In this inevitable ascent the mind of Light is a gradation, an inevitable stage. As an evolving principle it will mark a stage in the human ascent and evolve a new type of human being; this development must carry in it an ascending gradation of its own powers and types of an ascending humanity which will embody more and more the turn towards spirituality, capacity for Light, a climb towards a divinised manhood and the divine life.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Mind of Light, pp. 90-91


1 thought on “The Role of the Mind of Light As a Gradation in the Evolutionary Development

  1. In rig Veda, grita or clarified butter (butter melted so that is a transparent liquid or ghee) is a symbol standing for clarity of mind, mind illuminated by Agni, luminous mind. Agni is said to be seated on it, as on its ‘luminous back’ grita prushta or on its ‘luminous front’ gruta prateeka. Such an illuminated mind with Agni is fit for Him to bring the devas or have them manifest (refer to April suktas). The concept of Mind of LIght as described by Sri Aurobindo squares with this description of Agni (psychic purusha) shedding the Light of Truth as gruta prushta and gruta prateeka kindling the being into evolution via manifestation of devas or the powers of Supermind.


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