Three Necessary Conditions to Receive and Act Under the Impulsion of the Divine Force

As long as we identify with the individual ego-personality, we remain bound to the limits of the body-life-mind complex. The action of the Divine Force under such conditions is necessarily diffused and diluted. The energy is mixed with the much more fragmentary and limited goals and objectives of the human individual and the result is thereby very much weakened.

The three conditions noted by Sri Aurobindo have the effect of minimizing the reactivity of the outer nature, focusing the attention on the higher force, and opening the receptivity to its action. As long as we are moved by the events of the outer life and shift our attention there, we are unable to break free of the framework that holds us captive to them. Quietude and equality are the foundations therefore to allow ourselves to move beyond this reactive state. Faith is required because we are necessarily giving up the “tried and true” methods and actions that accompany the normal human state of existence. Without faith, we will continuously fall back into the habitual and comfortable patterns that we have grown to rely on. The new mode and source of action is unproven to us, and thus, faith represents our willingness to trust that it will bring about the right result. Receptivity is the ability to open to the higher force and let it act through the nature.

Sri Aurobindo observes: “To be able to receive the Divine Power and let it act through you in the things of the outward life, there are three necessary conditions: (i) Quietude, equality — not to be disturbed by anything that happens, to keep the mind still and firm, seeing the play of forces, but itself tranquil. (ii) Absolute faith — faith that what is for the best will happen, but also that if one can make oneself a true instrument, the fruit will be that which one’s will guided by the Divine Light sees as the thing to be done — kartavyam karma. (iii) Receptivity — the power to receive the Divine Force and to feel its presence and the presence of the Mother in it and allow it to work, guiding one’s sight and will and action. If this power and presence can be felt and this plasticity made the habit of the consciousness in action, — but plasticity to the Divine force alone without bringing in any foreign element, — the eventual result is sure.”

Sri Aurobindo, Integral Yoga: Sri Aurobindo’s Teaching and Method of Practice, Chapter 6, Sadhana Through Work, Meditation and Love and Devotion, Work pp. 129-145

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