Yoga as Applied Psychology

Sri Aurobindo notes that yoga is applied psychology. This implies that many of the techniques of awareness, adjustment and modification that are part of the yogic process can be successfully applied to anyone who seeks to address a disturbance in the being.

Another important factor raised by Sri Aurobindo is the identification of the part of the being to which a disturbance belongs, and the ability thereby to understand in more detail the nature of the disturbance, the causes of the disturbance and the needed application of focus and effort to resolve that disturbance. By unraveling the complex nature of human response in this way, Sri Aurobindo provides us with extraordinary leverage to effectuate change in the being.

Dr. Dalal writes: “… Sri Aurobindo’s yoga distinguishes psychological disturbances according to the part or plane of the being to which they belong. … Many methods and principles of Integral Yoga are of a general nature, being applicable to disturbances of any part of the being.”

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Living Within: The Yoga Approach to Psychological Health and Growth, Introduction, Mental Health and Integral Yoga, pp. xxxii-xxxvii

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