Comparing Current General State of Human Consciousness With More Evolved States, Part 1 Unconsciousness Versus Increasing Consciousness

What does the evolution of a new power of consciousness imply? When we observe the impact that the Life-Force has had on Matter, we can see that it brings in a radical transformation of Matter itself to allow the Life-Force to act. Matter has to become more responsive, more flexible, less dense, in order to carry out the demands of the Life-Energy. Similarly, when we observe the advent of Mind into Life and Matter, we see further radical transformations taking place to the point that Mind is now exploring sub-atomic realms, conducting genetic engineering and rearranging the action of the Life-Force as well as the basic substances of Matter.

We may then wonder about the next phase of the evolutionary progression, beyond the Mind, and what characteristics it will have and how it will differ from the current status of the Mind, Life and Matter and their relation to one another. Dr. Dalal details a number of such comparative factors, which will be taken up sequentially in separate parts.

The first major difference is in the level of awareness that begins to make aspects of our being and existence of which we remain mostly ignorant at present susceptible to our awareness. In The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo details what he terms to be the sevenfold Ignorance and subsequently, the progression towards the sevenfold knowledge. There is an ignorance of what remains not only unconscious or subconscious to us, but also of those realms and aspects which are superconscious, above our current level of awareness and thus not able to be perceived or understood by us.

Any development of a new power or level of consciousness will therefore have to bring with it new levels of awareness and knowledge of ourselves and our environment and our relationship to the universal manifestation. We can expect thereby that the inconsistencies and disharmony brought about through our incomplete knowledge at the mental and vital levels will find potential solutions as a new, more comprehensive power of consciousness begins to manifest.

Dr. Dalal notes: “The difference between the presently normal state of consciousness and the more evolved state of consciousness at which inner growth aims is reflected in their contrasting characteristics, some of which are indicated below.

“(a) The normal state of consciousness is more or less submerged in unconsciousness: in the normal state, a person is totally unconscious of the deeper and higher levels of the being, and largely unconscious of even the superficial being made up of the body-consciousness, thoughts and feelings. With the inner growth of one’s being, there comes an increasing consciousness, for consciousness is the very nature and essence of being.”

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Growing Within: The Psychology of Inner Development, Introduction, pp. v-vi

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