Ordering of Posts from Yesterday and Today

i was working on both posts and inadvertently posted today’s post yesterday and yesterday’s post today.  So you will see the final post for the Aitareya Upanishad showing up sequentially after the first post for the Prashna Upanishad in the sequential listings.  Sorry for any possible confusion that was involved.

Solving the Existential Crisis of Humanity Through the Evolution of Consciousness

Recently Santosh Krinsky was interviewed by David Riklan of SelfGrowth.com on the subject of the issues facing humanity and how they can be solved through the process of the evolution of consciousness.  Santosh Krinsky, who has been studying The Life Divine since 1971 and who is the editor at Lotus Press, the USA publisher of the major writings of Sri Aurobindo, provided his perspective to the interviewer, based on the evolutionary perspective of Sri Aurobindo.  In this wide-ranging interview the crises we currently face were addressed, and strategies for individual action were discussed.

The interview can be found at:  https://youtu.be/JxUFpCPprR4

SelfGrowth.com and their corresponding social media pages reach hundreds of thousands of individuals world-wide who are interested in spiritual development as well as life-skills.