Uncompromising Change of Consciousness is Required

The supramental transformation represents a radical change in consciousness, moving us out of the sphere of the Ignorance as embodied in Matter, Life and Mind, and into the sphere of the Knowledge, which has its source in the original Existence-Consciousness-Delight of Existence. There must be a reversal of viewpoint, a change of core perception that represents a 180 degree difference from the normal mental view.

For ages humans have awakened to the “sun rising in the east, and setting in the west”. This perception was the basis of the philosophical viewpoint that placed the earth at the center of the universe and had the sun rotating around it. At a certain point in our mental development we recognised that in fact, the sun is not rotating around the earth, but rather, it is the opposite that is truly taking place.

We can get a far glimpse of the kind of qualitative change that needs to occur in consciousness with this understanding, in order to recognise that the supramental consciousness, based in Oneness, Harmony and Unity must become the foundation of our experience.

For this to occur, it is not sufficient to have small, incremental modifications to the mental viewpoint. This approach cannot possibly usher in the kind of total reversal of consciousness required.

Sri Aurobindo points out “But the supreme Grace will act only in the conditions of the Light and the Truth; it will not act in conditions laid upon it by the Falsehood and the Ignorance. For if it were to yield to the demands of the Falsehood, it would defeat its own purpose.”

Sri Aurobindo,

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