The Divine Shakti’s Aspect of Work and Perfection–Mahasaraswati

The fourth aspect of the Mother is essential for the wholeness and completion of any effort–it is the power to accomplish detailed work and carry it out with perfection. In terms of fulfilling the actions of the other 3 powers, “…Mahasaraswati presides over theri detail of organisation and execution, relation of parts and effective combination of forces and unfailing exactitude of result and fulfilment. The science and craft and technique of things are Mahasaraswati’s province.”

This power is focused, not only on external work detail, but also on the rebuilding of the inner nature that is the object of the yogic sadhana. While we tend to seek the powers of Wisdom, Force or Love for their immediate satisfaction, it is really the patient, steady and relentless efforts of Mahasaraswati, systematically taking up each element of detail in the nature, modifying, adding, rejecting and guiding to the eventual solid foundation of the permanent changes being sought, that provides the basis for true and effective transformation. “When she takes up the transformation and new-building of the nature, her action is laborious and minute and often seems to our impatience slow and interminable, but it is persistent, integral and flawless. For the will in her works is scrupulous, unsleeping, indefatigable; leaning over us she notes and touches every little detail, finds out every minute defect, gap, twist or incompleteness, considers and weighs accurately all that has been done and all that remains still to be done hereafter.”

Sri Aurobindo,

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