The Ultimate Meaning of Equality in the Integral Yoga

All of the disciplines and methods to achieve equality of the physical, vital, emotional and mental levels of an individual are founded and based initially on the divided and fragmented consciousness of the lower nature. This means they are subject to the play of the Gunas, the push and pull of the dualities and the reactions of the ego-consciousness, to a greater or lesser degree, at all times, and remain necessarily imperfect and unstable. The steps taken are beneficial as they prepare and open the nature to the higher action of equality that comes with the shift of standpoint to the divine standpoint.

The ultimate meaning of equality is to take on the essential nature of the spiritual consciousness: “That equality is the eternal equality of Sachchidananda. It is an equality of the infinite being which is self-existent, an equality of the eternal spirit, but it will mould into its own mould the mind, heart, will, life, physical being. It is an equality of the infinite spiritual consciousness which will contain and base the blissful flowing and satisfied waves of a divine knowledge. It is an equality of the divine Tapas which will initiate a luminous action of the divine will in all the nature. It is an equality of the divine Ananda which will found the play of a divine universal delight, universal love and illimitable aesthesis of universal beauty. The ideal equal peace and calm of the Infinite will be the wide ether of our perfected being, but the ideal, equal and perfect action of the Infinite through the nature working on the relations of the universe will be the untroubled outpouring of its power in our being. This is the meaning of equality in the terms of the integral Yoga.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, Part Four: The Yoga of Self-Perfection, Chapter 11, The Perfection of Equality, pg. 680

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