Can a Physical Body Be Formed Through Occult Methods Without the Birth Process?

For the material mind and awareness, there are fixed and immutable laws of Nature that limit us within the boundaries of the known and familiar. We continue to believe in the Newtonian universe, even with advanced science describing realities of quantum physics, relativity and complex network theory, which defy the “laws” of the Newtonian world-view, where perceived realities such as the earth being at the center with the sun circling around it are overturned, and where fantasies such as traveling to the moon, flying around the world to any location we choose, or communicating with others world-wide wirelessly and instantly are now realities that change the very way we live our lives.

In the field of procreation itself, humanity has entered a “brave new world” that looks nothing like our traditional view of bearing children through sexual intercourse and the birthing process. With all of this challenge to the traditional material view, we may want to take another look at ideas that were once considered too fantastic to bear scrutiny from the logical intellectual standpoint, such as the creation of living bodies and their occupation by the conscious being without undertaking the previously understood sole method of procreation.

It should be noted that there are more than hints, but actual accounts of various beings taking birth through a created body. Tibetan practices speak of the ability of a realised sage to transfer his consciousness into another body. Tibetan legend also holds that at the time of his death, Milarepa appeared before his disciples concurrently in a number of bodies at great distances from one another. These bodies may have been subtle physical “rainbow” bodies, but this shows at least a partial solution to the formation of bodies on the material plane through an act of consciousness. The Christian tradition holds that Jesus was resurrected from the dead and appeared before various disciples after his physical body was laid to rest. What we do not yet know is whether the powers of consciousness that come with the supramental manifestation will be able to bridge the last stage between the subtle physical plane where such events occur, and the material plane of gross physical Matter.

Western science is actively looking at the ideas of dematerialisation and reconstitution of material things. Reassembly of atoms and molecules in exact patterns that predetermine a specific form or body is theoretically possible, awaiting only the technological breakthrough to actually carry this out. The creation of organs through stem cells shows a possible direction towards such a creation. The concept of 3-d printing uses a programmed pattern to reassemble materials into specific complex forms. A next stage would permit this to occur with a living being, a step not yet within our current realizable sights, however. If we look at the potential of transference of consciousness, however, and combine this with the ability to assemble atoms into specific patterns of being, or grow living organs from stem cells, we have the potential solution to the materialisation of living bodies that can then be infused with consciousness transferred in from elsewhere by a capable soul.

Sri Aurobindo observes: “In India there has been always from the earliest times a widely spread belief in the possibility and reality of the use of these powers by men with an advanced knowledge of these secret things or with a developed spiritual knowledge and experience and dynamic force and even, in the Tantras, an organised system of their method and practice. The intervention of the Yogi in bringing about a desired birth of offspring is also generally believed in and often appealed to and the bestowal on the child so obtained of a spiritual attainment or destiny by his will or his blessing is sometimes asked for and such a result is recorded not only in the tradition of the past but maintained by the witness of the present. But there is here still the necessity of a resort to the normal means of propagation and the gross method of physical Nature. A purely occult method, a resort to supraphysical processes acting by supraphysical means for a physical result would have to be possible if we are to avoid this necessity: the resort to the sex impulse and its animal process could not be transcended otherwise. If there is some reality in the phenomenon of materialisation and dematerialisation claimed to be possible by occultists and evidenced by occurrences many of us have witnessed, a method of this kind would not be out of the range of possibility. For in the theory of the occultists and in the gradation of the ranges and planes of our being which Yoga-knowledge outlines for us there is not only a subtle physical force but a subtle physical Matter intervening between life and gross Matter, and to create in this subtle physical substance and precipitate the forms thus made into our grosser materiality is feasible. It should be possible and it is believed to be possible for an object formed in this subtle physical substance to make a transit from its subtlety into the state of gross Matter directly by the intervention of an occult force and process, whether with or even without the assistance or intervention of some gross material procedure. A soul wishing to enter into a body or form for itself a body and take part in a divine life upon earth might be assisted to do so or even provided with such a form by this method of direct transmutation, without passing through birth by the sex process or undergoing any degradation or any of the heavy limitations in the growth and development of its mind and material body inevitable to our present way of existence. It might then assume at once the structure and greater powers and functionings of the truly divine material body which must one day emerge in a progressive evolution to a totally transformed existence both of life and form in a divinised earth-nature.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, The Divine Body, pp. 54-55

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