Expected Results of the Supramental Descent

Sri Aurobindo outlines several levels of change that could be expected with the pressure and descent of the supramental force, bringing forth into manifestation the next level of evolution of consciousness on earth. The first would be changes to be expected by those who are fully receptive and prepared to receive that force; the second would be influences and changes that would occur for those who are partially receptive and who can adapt thereby the action of the mental consciousness to a new wider, more powerful, more intuitive working than our current habitual mental action. Changes could also take place at the level of life-force and physical body to the extent they can adapt to the influence. These changes would result in the development of a true supramental humanity, which we may term homo supramentalis, as well as an expanded and freer action of consciousness for homo sapiens.

Sri Aurobindo writes: “This would be the fulfillment of the divine life which the descent of Supermind and the working of the truth-consciousness taking hold of the whole nature of the living being would bring about in all who could open themselves to its power or influence. Even its first immediate effect would be on all who are capable the possibility of entering into the truth-consciousness and changing all the movements of the nature more and more into the movements of the supramental truth, truth of thought, truth of will, truth in the feelings, truth in the acts, true conditions of the whole being even to the body, eventually transformation, a divinising change. For those who could so open themselves and remain open, there would be no limitation to this development and even no fundamental difficulty; for all difficulties would be dissolved by the pressure of the supramental light and power from above pouring itself into the mind and the life-force and the body. But the result of the supramental descent need not be limited to those who could thus open themselves entirely and it need not be limited to the supramental change; there could also be a minor or secondary transformation of the mental being within a freed and perfected scope of the mental nature. In place of the human mind as it now is a mind limited, imperfect, open at every moment to all kinds of deviation from the truth or missing of the truth, all kinds of error and openness even to the persuasions of a complete falsehood and perversion of the nature, a mind blinded and pulled down towards inconscience and ignorance, hardly arriving at knowledge, an intellect prone to interpret the higher knowledge in abstractions and indirect figures seizing and holding even the messages of the higher intuition with an uncertain and disputed grasp, there could emerge a true mind liberated and capable of the free and utmost perfection of itself and its instruments, a life governed by the free and illumined mind, a body responsive to the light and able to carry out all that the free mind and will could demand of it.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Mind of Light, Supermind and the Life Divine, pp. 69-70

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