Expanding our Understanding of Supraphysical Worlds

The subjective experiences Sri Aurobindo has been describing are not the only way we have of coming into contact with the supraphysical worlds of Life and Mind, and potentially other ranges of consciousness beyond Mind. “…there is also an opening of our mind and life parts to a great range of subjective-objective experiences in which these planes prsent themselves no longer as extensinos of subjective being and consciousness, but as worlds; for the experiences there are organised as they are in our own world, but on a different plan, with a different process and law of action and in a substance which belongs to a supraphysical Nature. This organisation includes, as on our earth, the existence of beings who hae or take forms, manifest themselves or are naturally manifested in an embodying substance, but a substance other than ours, a subtle substance tangible only to subtle sense, a supraphysical form-matter. These worlds and beings may have nothing to do with ourselves and our life, they may exercise no action upon us; but often also they enter into secret communicatino with earth-existence, obey or embody and are the intermediaries and instruments of the cosmic powers and influences of which we have a subjective experience, or themselves act by their own initiation upon the terrestrial world’s life and motives and happenings.”

It is interesting to note that all around the world, throughout human experience, we have stories or histories related of interaction between humans and other-worldly beings, whether they are called angels or demonic forces, or fairies, familiars, ghosts, gods or demi-gods, sprites, leprechauns, etc. While we may try to dismiss much of this as some kind of fantasy or unreality, the fact that such experiences have recurred and been reported from all around the world may indicate an underlying reality that is simply beyond the ability of the physical mind to appreciate or understand. This does not mean that we should willy-nilly accept any report of some kind of supernatural or supra-physical contact, but we certainly cannot dismiss all of them out of hand either.

There is much more to this subject and we shall continue the review in the next post.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 21, The Order of the Worlds


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